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ST-L Demonstrator @ Shiflet Field (9A9)

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Photo credit: Leonardo Correa Luna.

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Following the ST-L prototype's arrival at Airventure 2021, the aircraft was relocated to live with its test pilot at Shiflet Field (9A9) in Marion, North Carolina. The aircraft is available for you to come see it, sit in it, and hopefully fly in it with factory demo pilot Brooks Mershon out of a beautiful 3,300 x 150 foot grass strip in what many would consider to be Shangri-La of grassroots flying at Shiflet Field.

The plane shares hangar space with two Pitts S1s in what used to be the workshop and hangar of Steen Aero Lab when it was operated by Hale Wallace. The history of Shiflet Field, established in 1928, runs deep with a fantastic cast of characters operating impressive aircraft out of the field since its establishment.

Plan to spend half a day at a minimum, flying in the morning or evening in the ST-L demonstrator. Poke and prod and sit in the plane a bunch to help your decision making process regarding building your own ST-L from a Timber Tiger Aircraft kit.

Photo credit: Leonardo Correa Luna.

How to Get To 9A9


<1 hour drive

Closest regional airport. Asheville is an incredible center of food, drink, music, and the arts. Uber/Lyft or rental car to come visit the plane just under an hour away. Spend the rest of your time enjoying Asheville downtown when you're not visiting the ST-L demonstrator at Shiflet Field.


<2 Hours drive

Big international airport. Rental car. Longer drive, but more commercial flight options into and out of CLT. Enjoy the small town feel of Marion and hang out at 9A9 to see the plane, meet cool people, and perhaps sightsee while you're at it.



Tie down your aircraft securely and safely in our quonset besides the hangar/house/workshop. Or simply drive to the field from wherever and park at the gate and walk right up to the hangar/house. Easy!

We look forward to having you.


Sleep 100 feet from the plane for $85 a night (through Square™)

Guest room


Guest Bathroom, tub, shower


Guest room located in Brooks and Taylor Mershon's home next to the hangar/workshop/quonset on the field.

Alternatively, there are plenty of great hotels within 10 minutes drive or less from the field.

How to Schedule

  1. Visit Timber Tiger Aircraft and peruse the kit options and FAQ so you know what your next steps would be if you decide you do love the ST-L and wish to purchase a kit.

  2. Don't be shy, give Timber Tiger Aircraft a ring (303) 725-5439 and someone from the shop in Montrose, Colorado will be happy to talk with you. nick@timbertigeraircraft.com works too.

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