Custom Vinyl Graphics

Here's how.

  1. Tell us what you want using this handy Google Form. Fast and easy invoicing through Square™.

  2. Review our proposed Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg) files over email.

  3. Approve the layout proposed by Aerographics (in Loveland, Colorado) from which high quality 3M vinyl graphics will be cut.

  4. Apply wet with Windex. The vinyl is permeable and windex evaporates through the material after affording you time to carefully position your precious graphics. Let it dry overnight and go fly.

How much and how long?

Well, we did both sides of our Boulder Pilot Pitts Special sponsorship for $120 in vinyl and a couple hours of iterating on the design. You would be looking at $250 or so and less than a week before your vinyl was being cut and headed your way for that level of design. 20 minutes of work in total was spent carefully cleaning and applying graphics before walking away when the vinyl showed up in the mail.

For more complicated designs, it will take a few more hours of design and a bit more money. There's no charge for sending us a request!

People look at airplanes because airplanes are awesome.

Consider advertising...

  • Your flight school, maintenance shop, or FBO every-time a plane leaves the hangar and graces nearby airports.

  • Your own business on your head-turning dream machine. No shame in self-promotion.

  • Your proud sponsors on your hotshot aerobatic ride (we do that ourselves!)

  • Your own awesome name under the cockpit.

  • Custom graphics for your homebuilt aircraft. Dream big; vinyl is cheap.

Branding, LogoS, and Anything ELSE

Small businesses, whether aviation related or not, often overlook the need for creating a strong visual brand.

From Fonts to colors to logos that will appear everywhere in the life of a company, Boulder Pilot can take your intentions to have a sweet logo from zero to hero in a cost effective way.

There is an art to building a company and its values and cultures into a strong visual identity. Fortunately, we are good at doing that quickly and efficiently. Armed with your good intentions and a few hours thrown at an iPad, our artist Taylor here at Boulder Pilot will work her magic to produce creative solutions that will leave you with a lasting graphic that you can be proud to use in your business.

Colorado Close Air Solutions


Full Deflection Aviation

Salt Lake City, UT

Timber Tiger Aircraft

Montrose, CO

While Boulder Pilot specializes in providing production ready vector graphics and raster images, we are able to build turn key Squarespace websites, as was done for kit plane manufacturer Timber Tiger Aircraft in 2021.

Mile High Gliding

Boulder, CO

Flying Circus

Seward, NE

EAA Chapters

Custom Apparel

You can't help but look back at your plane when you walk away from it on the ramp.

You wish everyone didn't have to ask what incredible machine you brought to Airventure.

  1. Fill out the Google Form, which gives us reference pictures or your ideas put into words.

  2. Easy invoicing payable through Square™.

  3. Review our design.

  4. Buy as many articles of clothing as you want with your designs printed on them from Threadless!